Important Breeding Facts and Cost

A credit card must be on file for shipping containers, veterinarian fees, and stallion fees. Below is a list of charges. Please make all checks payable to "D&B Enterprises". Credit cards will have a charge from an entity called "Cadillac Cowgirls” or from Veterinarian. 

SangReal Stallion Services

NO stallion semen will be shipped until all fees and charges are paid in full. Please Plan ahead, we ship on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Friday’s. If we have to fly semen to you, it is an extra $200.00 due to distance to closest airport. There is a $150.00 container fee that is refunded after container is returned to Wilkinson Vet Clinic. All veterinarian card receipts will be from Wilkinson Vet Clinic. Dr Glen Wilkinson. DVM is the Stallion vet of record and all fee questions should be directed to the clinic during normal business hours at 361-348-2716 All semen arrangements should be directed to Dr. Wilkinson at 361-219-8839. Stallion collection fee is $300.00. Shipping is by Fed Ex and is usually between $80.00 to $125.00. Please provide a copy of to your veterinarian.

                                     Please click below for hard copies of breeding facts and contract.